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Paket Basic


This travel package includes a hotel, tour guide vehicle for the Samosir area, for this tour we will enjoy the beauty of Samosir with a still beautiful atmosphere.

The journey will start from the starting point at Tuk Tuk Siadong

We will start our journey to the Tomok area not far from Tuk Tuk, around 10 minutes, in the Tomok area we will see various very strong historical nuances starting from the museum, the graves of the Kings and there will also be a performance from Sigale Gale, well apart from We can enjoy many shops that provide many typical Batak souvenirs in the Samosir area, from necklaces, bracelets, clothes to typical Batak food in the Tomok area.

After enjoying the beautiful history and customs, we will continue our journey to the next area, namely Aek Na Tonang. Along the way to Aek Na Tonang, we will be able to see Lake Toba from a high place, so it is a very good place to take photos and immortalize moments with friends or family. in Sayang, for the Aek Na Tonang area we will see a lake above the lake and also a wide expanse of green that will please our eyes then we will continue our journey to Holbung Hill, this is one of the mainstay tourist areas in Samosir, from the top of this hill we will see the vastness and beauty of Lake Toba, just sit on the hill and look at Lake Toba we will be able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba

After leaving Holbung we can enjoy the hot water in the Pangururan area, this hot water flows into the pool which will be a place for visitors to bathe. This natural hot water comes out of the mountain slopes which can refresh the body after a day's travel

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Paket Premium


Paket ini mencakup fitur-fitur premium yang canggih.

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Paket Pro


Paket ini mencakup semua fitur pro kami.

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